I am Kelvin Tse,
a UX designer/developer who specialised
in html/css and has a passion for usability with more than 10 years of experience in web development.

Backend Design
  • Django
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • ReactJS
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • Sketch
  • Graphic Design
  • UX Design


Computerworld - Home page Computerworld - Article page 3 Computerworld - Article page 4

Computerworld Redesign - Redesigned Computerworld is more content focus, responsive and optimised for mobile.

The article page includes infinite scroll and redesigned header. Infinite scroll allows readers to scroll to the next article without reload the page. The header was carefully designed - combining the title and graphic elements to provide context for the article efficiently.

Received "Website of the Year award" at the 2016 Consensus IT Writers Awards.


dj css html js ps ai ui


Eventually - Home page Eventually - Event legs page Eventually - Event Landing edit page

Eventually - an system for managing events and creating landing page for events. Simple-to-use UI and sophisticated backend allow anyone to create landing page for events effortless.

dj css html js ps ai ui


ARN - Home page ARN - Article page

ARN Redesign - cleaner, more content focus and responsive. Improved header nav makes it easier to navigate the site. Implemented infinite scroll for articile page, used pjax for slideshow pages for faster page load.


dj css html js ps ai ui


CIO - Home page CIO - Article page

CIO Redesign - cleaner, easier to navigate, responsive and more content focus. Implemented infinite scroll for articile page, used pjax for slideshow pages for faster page load.


dj css html js ps ai ui


Mocha - Editor Mocha - Edit image Mocha - Add slideshow

Adding wysiwyg editor into Mocha - our CMS for IDG sites. The goal was to provide a better way for jouralist to post their articles. We built the editor on top of Redactor editor, adding custom functionalities using ReactJS. Custom functionalities includes:

dj css html js ps ai ui


Ezypik - Checkout page Ezypik - Checkout page Ezypik - Selection page

Redesigned Ezypik's UI to be modern and user-friendly. Its bilingual interface makes sure the system caters users with different culture background. EzyPik is a platform where readers can vote for the books they want in their local libraries.

css html js ps ai ui


CSO - Home page CSO - f5 microsite

Redesigned CSO to be a more modern website which is clean and easy to navigate.


dj css html js ps ui

Good Gear Guide (IDG)

GoodGearGuide - Home page GoodGearGuide - Story listing GoodGearGuide - Evaluation team page

A redesign for Good Gear Guide. The main goals for the redesign were to give the site a new fresh look and identity, making the site clean and easy to navigate. The HTML code has been optimized for faster load time.

Good Gear Guide

dj css html js ps ui

TransMap (GovHack 2013)


This is a project for GovHack 2013, it. I worked in a team of three, we were given 48 hours to complete the project, and I was responsible for the UI design and implementation. TransMap visualize how people travel to work in NSW Greater Metropolitan Region. We won the Best Use of Spatial Data award. The interface was built using Raphaƫl, which is Javascript library for working with SVG.

TransMap / GovHack Team Page

dj css html js ps ui


CMO - Homepage CMO - Mobile view

CMO Australia is a brand new site addressing the unique marketing, technology and leadership challenges chief marketers face. My task was just design and implement the front-end for the new site. The site uses Foundation, it's responsive and optimized for all screen sizes (desktop and mobile).


css html js ps ui mob


iBIMS - Home page iBIMS - About page iBIMS - Noticeboard page

iBIMS is a library information management system which supports foreign languages (e.g. Chinese/Spanish). I have created ibims.com.au which is gateway to library databases, it also contains informations about iBIMS. This is a bilingual website, the challenge is to cater people with different culture and age groups while keep the website clean. This is a responsive website built based on Foundation, it is optimized for all screen sizes.


css html js ps ai ui mob


InductOnline - Edit slide InductOnline - Slidedeck InductOnline - Slide sorting

InductOnline is web application for inducting employees/contractors. I was responsible for designing and implementing the frontend. My aim is to make create intuitive interface to make interactions as effortless as possible. These interactions including: sorting/editing presentation slides, adding media to slides, and presenting the slides with multimedia. (Note: Images have been edited for client confidentiality)

css html js ps ai ui


Venuesafe - Interface Venuesafe - Admin

VenueSafe is a photo identification systems across a range of industries. I was responsible for designing and implementing interface for the system. The interface is full optimized for touch screen, for usage in dark environment (e.g. night club) with simple workflow and easy-to-use interface. (Note: Images are not actual screenshots but testing pages/mockups)

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